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Do you have an idea for a book, or have you already started writing one? We can't wait to hear from you! Please see below for submission requirements. You can submit your documents via the "submit here" button below which will allow you to submit your documents via email. 

1: A Cover Letter 

The cover letter should be included in the body of the email you use to submit your book proposal or manuscript to us. Please let us know these things:

1) Let us know if you are submitting to a specific call for content, or if this is a general submission.

2) In a few sentences provide us with a short bio and include your pronouns.

3) Let us know the title of the piece you are submitting.

4) Anything else you would like us to know about the piece!

2: A Manuscript or Book Proposal 

1) The Manuscript:

a) Please send a Microsoft Word copy of your work (not a PDF!)

b) Use 12 point font in Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman

c) Double-spaced, or 1.5 spacing is preferred

d) If your work contains citations, use Chicago style formatting 

2) The Book Idea: 

a) Please send a maximum 250-word proposal for your book in Microsoft Word format (not a PDF!)

b) The proposal should be a summary of what you would like to write. Please include a proposed table of contents and a sample of your writing or a draft chapter.

**If you encounter any difficulties with the "submit here" button, please email your documents directly to Amy at**

3: Now sit back, have a cup of tea, and leave the rest to us! 

Please give us at least 8–12 weeks to get back to you about your manuscript or book proposal. We look forward to connecting with you!


Please reach out to us with any questions! 

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